July special: Save $25 on combo

Perform a Fuel Injection Service and Throttle Body Service at the same time this July and receive $25 off the combo.

Fuel injectors become clogged with dirt and rust, while the injector tips plug up with varnish from gasoline. Intake valves, combustion chambers and pistons suffer from carbon deposits, which, if allowed to accumulate, may lead to diminished performance, reduced fuel economy and poor/uneven idle. This service dissolves these deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber. The benefits range from optimizing fuel economy, cleaner emissions and improved engine responsiveness.

In order to operate optimally, your engine needs a perfect ratio of fuel and air. It achieves this through the air intake system, which sends air into the engine. The throttle body, which controls the air flow into the engine, is a key part of the air intake system. If the throttle body becomes stiff due to residue build-up, the incorrect amount of air will enter the engine, causing a loss of power or a sputtering engine.

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