June Special: Maintenance Service

This June, get $25 off a Maintenance Service at Hallmark Toyota. This service starts at $149.95 (Corolla, 4 cylinder, 0W20 full-synthetic oil) and includes:

Maintenance Service – 0W20 Synthetic

  • Replace engine oil & filter
  • Remove & inspect engine air filter (replace if required, additional charge)
  • Inspect cabin air filter (additional charge for replacement)
  • Lubricate locks, latches & hinges
  • Confirm lights, horn & wipers function properly
  • Check coolant, brake & washer fluids. Transmission fluid on vehicles with a dipstick
  • Check battery
  • Inspect drive belts for damage or wear
  • Inspect steering linkage and components
  • Inspect ball joints, driveshaft and steering rack boots for leaks
  • Inspect for oil leaks
  • Remove wheels and inspect brake linings, calipers, rotors and brake lines
  • Inspect fuel system and exhaust system for leaks or damage
  • Inspect tires for damage or wear. Check and adjust pressure. Rotate if required
  • Perform road test
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