September special: Get ready for winter

The additives that help prevent rust and corrosion and lubricate the water pump break down over time and lose their effectiveness. Beat the rush and perform a coolant service on your Toyota before we head into the colder months.

Replacing your coolant according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule for your year and model of Toyota will help extend the life of the cooling system, including your heater core, water pump, radiator and hoses.

Benefits of using Toyota OEM Coolant:

  • An integral part of the system that removes heat from your engine to maintain optimal operating temperature.
  • Able to withstand the extremes of Canada’s climate. Rated for temperatures as cold as -56°C.
  • Protects internal components from corrosion, and lubricates your engine’s water pump.
  • Proper coolant formulation helps ensure proper functioning of your vehicle’s cabin heating system.

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